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Project Management and Agency Services

Successful projects are the result of a complete team effort. Our project team pools its collective efforts in order to coordinate business development, design, engineering and procurement with the installation in the field, thereby maximizing productivity. Such an approach not only enhances profitability, but also helps ensure that the project is completed within the time and budgetary limits established by the client.

Planning business development, identifying local business opportunities, and scheduling are mandatory if satisfactory results are to be achieved. This demands coordination among our clients, project owners, engineers, general contractors and subcontractors.

Consistency, reliability and quality are all results that customers expect when they engage a service provider to manage a project. We have demonstrated leadership capabilities on projects that are large and small, onshore and offshore.

Our project management involvement starts early and continues until the project is operational. Our processes and personnel make this happen like few companies can. We have developed a right-sizing protocol that is consistent on every project we manage, with excellence in both qualitative and quantitative deliverables. This process for project delivery ensures efficiency and predictability. Our role is defined by our clients’ needs.

All of this allows us to produce the best results.

ENTRA Group seeks to creatively spark people and organizations forward so they can enjoy more security and well-being in their lives. Our 25+ years of experience has allowed us to develop multiple inter-disciplinary skills and abilities in operational risk and control systems, such as preventative and response strategies, that are related to helping organizations perform sustainably in high-risk environments.

Just as importantly, we have integrated additional technical and soft skills that will provide a more comprehensive vision in the management of projects, human talent, change and flexibility, multicultural competencies, and relationship building. These skills further allow us to consult in, and to construct, collaborative and adaptive teams, and to make them more agile in achieving goals, as well as personal fulfillment.

Enterprise Security Risk Management

Threat and Risk Identification,
Assessment, and Management

C-TPAT, AEO/GSV/SCAN — Compliance
Processes, Supply Chain Security

Travel Security Risk Management

Integration with Sustainability Disciplines
(Environmental, Social, Geopolitical, Safety)

Crisis Management, Resiliency

Electronic Security Integration

Integration Between Cyber
and Physical Security

Enterprise Security

Digital Consulting (IT)

The ENTRA team has deep expertise and capabilities, as well as a wide-ranging set of multidisciplinary skills to facilitate technical and back-office support to aid in diligent and effective management of IT tools and resources for your company’s success.

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables in customized, fit-for-purpose client solutions. We will provide you with a description of our project methods, including how the project will be developed, along with proposed schedules and phase deliverables.

Our IT Services group can improve the document workflow and email exchange for your business, offering you the ability to manage documents and control versions (internal and external), and to enable and develop a secure cloud technology.